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Monday, December 31, 2018

360 Assessment & Coaching Package

Monday, December 31, 2018
Times: TBD

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Strategize to reach that next level of performance leveraging a full 360 perspective of your performance in the workplace. All of this is made easy using Dale Carnegie’s Insights 360 Assessment tool and professional coaches. Our experience tells us that professional development opportunities are maximized when leaders have a concrete understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as seen by others around them. High potential individuals then make the necessary adjustments to improve their leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. Dale Carnegie’s Insights tool provides powerful information and critical perspective. Understanding current performance and growth opportunities from a variety of sources is the most comprehensive and effective approach for increased future performance in the workplace.
The Insights Tool will Generate a Report that Enables you to:
  • Confidently understand behavioral current impact from every perspective
  • Set and prioritize goals to effect necessary changes
The DC Coach assists in this process by helping set expectations for the report and its use, compiling data input and generating the 360 report, reviewing the report in depth and finally providing a debrief coaching session to help you understand what the report tells you and how to best utilize the information to improve performance.
  1. Initial consultation call - 1 hour
  2. Invite up to 12 people to rate your performance in the workplace - submit data
  3. Review current abilities in the 18 most critical skill-sets needed as a professional in your organization
  4. Receive report
  5. Compare self-perception to that of colleagues, direct reports and/or a nominated manager/mentor
  6. Analyze report and set goals to improve performance
Coaching Sessions:
After receiving the 360 Assessment report, a one-hour coaching session with a Dale Carnegie certified trainer will be scheduled to ensure understanding of these results and how to best utilize the information to reach the desired next level of performance.
Note: Coaching sessions can be conducted at the West Caldwell, NJ training facility or over the phone.
Package Fee: $1200 (Must be Paid-in-Full prior to data submission)
(Please disregard start date. Dates and times are booked according to both parties availability.)


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